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The Molinari Brothers

Pocos de Caldas, Brazil

- Blown Glass

Antonio Carlos and Paulo Molinari integrate the 700 year old glass blowing heritage of the Murano artisans with the unique creativity and sensitivity that is prevalent in the Brazilian culture.  The result is breathtaking artistic genius complemented by unmatched technical expertise.  Trained by famous Murano maestro Aldo Bonora, the first Italian master to arrive in Brazil from the Murano Islands, the Molinari brothers pioneered the Brazilian Murano glass making style.  Blessed with a rare gift, they meld talent with perseverance and passion with control to create spectacular mouth-blown glass.

After ten years of working for other masters, the Molinari brothers established their own workshop, Cristais Sao Marcos, where they create and sell their own designs.  Today, they are dedicated to the creation of art glass characterized by uncommon designs and colors for those who appreciate Murano artistry.  The Molinari brothers are the largest producers of artisian glass in Latin America.  Each day they make more than six tons of beautiful hand blown art glass that is sold throughout the world.

In addition to being gifted artisans, the Molinari brothers are avid environmentalists, and they practice the three R's + 1.

Reduce -- by using alternative energy sources, they have reduced their COemissions to zero

Reuse -- their production process generates zero scrap -- all of their industrial waste is recycled

Recycle -- their glass is 100% recyclable

Rethink -- the Molinari brothers spend significant time rethinking the processes they use, and their focus is on creating not only ecologically correct products, but also eco-efficient products.  Unlike their Venetian glass-blowing counterparts, the Molinari's have eliminated lead as a component in their glass, a gift to our environment.

The Monlinari brothers' company, Cristais Sao Marcos, has been certified by the Brazilian industry organization FEAM as a leader in sustainability, and they have been awarded partner status by Germany's ECOGERMA in recognition of the key role they play in setting the pace for environmentally practices.

Through forty years of exacting craftsmanship, the Molinari brothers have not only become leaders among the Murano Artisans of Brazil, but they have also helped transform Pocos de Caldas into Brazil's capital of blown glass.


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