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Jan Van Schaik

Ubud, Indonesia

- Resin jewelry & home accessories

Dutch jeweler Jan Van Schaik discovered the combined beauty of genuine rubber and silver while living in Bali, Indonesia. 1995, when Jan first arrived to "Paradise island," ostensiblly for holidays, he had already been in the jewelry business for 35 years.

The silver he uses is of the finest quality, which he then works into elaborate designs, embellishing them with semi-precious stones such as garnets, pearls, cubic zirconia and peridots. The innovative use of rubber and their ingenious clasps create stunning and exceptional pieces that the young or old, men or women, would be proud to own.

Jan, also known as "Jan the rubber man," works with talented Balinese and Javanese silversmiths. Together, they create styles that are classic, ethnic, art-deco, art-nouveau and Scandinavian inspired. All products of Yanvan collections are copyright protected, designed patented and trademark registered.

Jan is the singular jeweler that has conquered the use of silver and rubber into his designs. And as a true artist, he never stops believing that he can take this concept to newer and even better heights, as he will undoubtedly prove in his next collection.

The discovery of integrating two such incongruous materials together to make jewelry caused his creative juices to flow so he decided to stay on the island in a village called Ubud, world famous for being the country's art colony. In doing so, he was able to realize his dream of designing truly unique, original and unusual works of art. Since that time, Jan has never looked back. His pieces reflect his belief in keeping jewelry in its "simple, natural and honest form." Simple they are in concept, except his designs can also be very intricate and precise in its meaning.


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